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Keeping It Sacred (KITS) Code of Ethics

Who We Are

Keeping It Sacred (KITS) is a global Community dedicated to the intrepid exploration of sacred texts, the practice of meaningful rituals, and the unwavering pursuit of social justice.


We nurture curiosity, deepen compassion, and inspire personal and collective action to bring more light, more justice, more love, and more joy to our world in ways that are accessible, relevant, and empowering. Our mission is to inspire bold, joyful, meaningful living.


Our Principles and Core Values


Affirming Diversity

The fabric of the KITS Community is embroidered by the multitude of experiences of human identity. We hold sacred space for one another in an affirming and supportive environment grounded in gratitude.


Spiritual Wellness

We support, restore, and inspire. Together, we cultivate spiritual well-being and growth by embracing textual exploration, applying ancient wisdom, and awakening a renewed sense of purpose.


Pursuing Justice

We strive to create a more whole, just, and compassionate world guided by the Jewish principle of Tikkun Olam (“repair of the world”). We work toward racial, economic, environmental, and religious justice through a trauma informed lens.


Celebration of Diversity

KITS is committed to a radically inclusive ethic. We provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals regardless of race, color, ancestry, creed, religion, national origin, sex, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, military and veteran status, or other status protected by law. This spirit of equality and diversity also applies to volunteers, contractors, Community members, and others who choose to become associated with the KITS Community.  We strive to make all who participate in the KITS Community feel a sense of belonging with the expectation that their ideas and concerns can be openly stated and will be responded to with respect.



Keeping It Sacred expects all who engage with the KITS Community to conduct themselves honestly. This includes behaving in an honest manner and relating to all other members of the KITS Community with honesty. We promote open and honest communication that allows for addressing differences constructively.


The KITS Community protects the confidentiality of privileged information about individuals and the Community; this information is not disclosed without permission.



Members of the KITS Community act with integrity. When acting on behalf of our Community, our choices and behaviors are always guided by what is in the Community’s best interests. Our hope is that all participants benefit from their involvement with the KITS Community; however, we do not exploit this relationship for financial gain or business benefit.


Financial matters related to the Community are always conducted with complete honesty and integrity.  Financial agreements made are upheld; if unexpected circumstances occur that interfere with these commitments, the Community member discusses such circumstances with the appropriate representative(s) of KITS.  Acting with integrity also means that members of the KITS Community never exaggerate or distort their education, training, past experiences or legitimate use of titles (such as “Rabbi” or “Cantor”).


Employment practices and related decision-making are conducted in an ethical and legal manner. We respect the efforts of others and do not take credit for their work; this means that credit is properly given to those who did the work.



The KITS Community embraces the fundamental value of performing acts of loving kindness.  We treat others with respect, dignity, fairness, and compassion.  


We refrain from derogatory speech, negative talk, gossip, and slander, whether in person, virtual or on social media. Antisemitic, bigoted, racist/ethnocentric, homophobic/transphobic, classist, ableist or misogynistic language or other biased language as forms of speech or behavior is never acceptable at Keeping It Sacred.


Bullying (including cyberbullying) or any other behavior (whether verbal or physical) that degrades, humiliates or oppresses another, is not acceptable within the KITS Community.



Pursuit of justice is a core value of the KITS Community. We believe that anyone entering our sacred space (whether in person or virtually) has the right to feel safe and respected and that we are morally and ethically responsible for one another.


We do not tolerate sexual harassment, including unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, physical, written or visual conduct of a sexual nature.


We do not tolerate behaviors that exploit the vulnerability of another, take advantage of a power imbalance, compromise one’s moral integrity, or create an intimidating, offensive, abusive or hostile environment.


We strive to protect those who appear to be the victims of abuse or neglect, including spousal abuse, physical abuse, and other types of domestic violence.

Addressing Allegations of Unethical Behavior

The steps outlined in the KITS Employee Handbook under the header “Complaint Process” shall be followed to address any allegations of unethical behavior pertaining to any member of the KITS Community. Changes made to that process will be reflected in the steps outlined below. A summary of those steps is as follows:


1.             An attempt should be made to address the perceived transgression directly with the individual who exhibited the potentially unethical behavior.

2.             If Step #1 is unsuccessful or not possible, the person who witnessed the alleged violation of the Code of Ethics of this Community should report the incident to Rabbi Heather Miller at or Dr. David Aronson at

3.             Rabbi Miller and/or Dr. David Aronson will look into the allegation and make a determination regarding whether further investigation is warranted or if s/he can resolve the alleged infraction informally (such as through communication with the alleged violator of the KITS Code of Ethics).

4.             KITS will keep complaints confidential to the extent possible, while allowing the investigation to proceed (meaning information may be revealed on a “need to know” basis).

5.             If Rabbi Miller or Dr. David Aronson determines that a more formal investigation is warranted, s/he will turn to the Ethics Committee (“Committee”) to investigate the allegation in more detail.

6.             The Committee will meet expeditiously and as needed (generally virtually due to the global nature of the KITS Community) in order to fully understand the allegation and to determine if the KITS Code of Ethics was violated. If the Committee determines that the Code of Ethics was violated, the Committee will determine what the recommended consequence should be. This recommendation shall be communicated in written form to Rabbi Miller. This written communication shall include a brief summary of the process followed by the Committee, the evidence that was reviewed and the rationale for the recommended course of action.

7.             As the founding member of the KITS Community, Rabbi Miller will approve or disapprove or request further conversation about the recommended course of action.  If approved, Rabbi Miller will implement that course of action.

Version 1 adopted August 21, 2023.

ABOUT The Above Code of Ethics 

Because everything we do is guided by the contours of Jewish ethics; Because we are a community that strives for a high standard of character; Because we are a multifaceted 21st century spiritual community on the forefront of building spaces of wellness; We, at Keeping It Sacred, have written a Code of Ethics to formalize our standard of practice that we have been living for three years now. Our beloved members Dr. David Aronson (chair), Sheryl Aronson, and Wendy Stiver have dedicated countless hours to creating language that reflects the community culture we currently and in the future look to uphold across our membership, staff, and partners. Please see the code of ethics HERE. With this code, we join only a handful (but increasing number) of Union for Reform Judaism communities that has their own code of ethics and we are proud to be counted among their ranks.


Thank you each for keeping this community sacred.

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