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Spiritual Counseling

At Keeping It Scared (KITS), our goal is to create a safe space where you can experience the growth, healing, or change that you desire. Our approach is:


We are resolute in our desire to walk compassionately alongside you on your path towards healing and spiritual wellness. We honor your journey and know it's important to listen to where you're at and go at your pace.


While the exploration of meaningful traditions and rituals grounds us, we are committed to continued learning and the use of new and creative approaches that support your individual needs.


We provide an open and non-judgmental space that inspires curiosity as we explore your hopes and challenges. We are ready to meet you wherever you are in your spiritual journey. 

We offer one-on-one spiritual support in the following areas :

  • conflict resolution

  • spiritual healing

  • spiritual trauma 

  • grief and loss

  • major life changes and transitions

  • relational conflict

  • self-esteem and identity

  • parenting challenges


As your personal spiritual guide, Rabbi Miller is ready to support you and your personal growth and wellness. Contact her to learn how she can help you on your journey. 

While you’re here, check out Rabbi Miller’s book
Re(Soul)utions: A Practical Guide for Self Repair

and accompanying web seriesHERE.

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