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Momentum: KITS family education



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From Rabbi Miller:

As a rabbi and a mama in today's world, with my elementary-aged kids involved in sports, performing arts, and weekend birthday parties, I was intent on breaking the mold of the traditional Religious School model:  inflexible weekly commitments, classroom learning with no individuation of curriculum, and little parent involvement beyond drop-offs. 

Thanks to our dream team of experienced educators who heard our members’ need for a Religious School experience that takes into account the myriad priorities of contempory families, we envisioned this program and are THRILLED to introduce you to:

MOMENTUM: KITS Family Education

This is a program where each family:

·    gets personalized, individual attention while creating strong community bonds.

·    enjoys opportunities to share the excellence of their learning together.

·    is empowered to build confidence and momentum in their Jewish expressions.

Over the course of ten months, families focus on six transformational holy day seasons, and six themes relevant to family life today. Students choose from a menu of projects through which they’ll showcase their learning, and these will be exhibited for all to admire at Shabbat gatherings. These contributions to our community are honored with meaningful gifts (like personalized Torah pointers and tallit prayer shawls) that help celebrate the learning and continue building their momentum. 

MOMENTUM  does not involve the requirement of regular commitments on any particular day of the week! Rather, I, and our Director of Family Learning and Engagement, Chavva Olander, work with each family to design personalized  learning experiences – this means YOU can have deep conversations about the essence of the holy days on YOUR schedule in YOUR own time. Our entire MOMENTUM community will come together for 6 Shabbat celebrations throughout the year to exhibit their learning and amplify the joy of Jewish life. 

This is a dynamic and flexible Jewish educational program for families that is customized to YOUR family's schedule, interests, and learning needs. 

Join us in our inaugural year (2023-2024) for $1500 for families with 1 child, $1800 for families with 2 children, or $2000 for families with 3 or more children. 

Reach out to me with questions or  to request an application at: or 818-312-8388.

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