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Jewish tradition houses some of the most beautiful teachings on character qualities. A thousand years ago, Rabbi Bachya Ibn Pakuda decided to these sacred texts together, organized into various character qualities that he felt would inspire people to live lives of meaning. He called his work “Duties of the Heart,” and it is the work upon which the Mussar Movement (of Exceptional Character Qualities) is based. The book is available for free on, and so we will take time each week to study teachings and explore how we might make sense of them in our lives today.


Join us for one class, several, or all 9 weeks worth of classes! Please invite your friends to take the series with you, too!


Last year, classes were Sundays 10am PT/1pm ET on:

1/9 Unity

1/16 Reflection

1/23 Service

1/30 Trust

2/6 Devotion

2/13 Humility

2/20 Repentance & Self Accounting

2/27 Abstinence

3/6 Love

Stay tuned for more opportunities to study this in the future.

Keeping It Sacred programs are free for all because we uphold the value of keruv/accessibility; voluntary financial contributions to help offset the cost of these programs are greatly appreciated. No expereince necessary. All are welcome! Invite your friends!


“Rabbi Miller has a great sense of humor, and you can tell she really loves sharing her knowledge.”

“She involves her students so it’s not a lecture format, and we were encouraged to ask questions or insert comments as the evening went along. She makes everyone comfortable in her presence and allows time for all of us to learn a little about the others in the group.”

"Rabbi Miller made these wise and learned people viable for me, allowing me to connect on a more personal level with each one. I loved my experience with Rabbi Miller and am looking forward to more learning opportunities with her. She's a wonderful teacher."


If you have further questions, or to introduce yourself, please don't hesitate to reach out

to Rabbi Miller:

Together, we're #keepingitsacred…

duties of the heart

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