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Together, we're Keeping It Sacred

Hi! I’m Rabbi Heather Miller, founder of Keeping It Sacred 

which is a center for the exploration of meaningful texts,

customs, and rituals. We aim to deepen the personal and

communal sense of the sacred by illuminating traditions

that are accessible, relevant, and empowering in the world

today. We are dedicated to inspiring, uplifting, and

empowering people to live their most sacred lives. 

I smile a lot because I survived a medical crisis as a kid and have always cultivated a sense of gratitude for life ever since. Growing up in an interfaith family, I learned the skill of authentically making ritual observances accessible to all.


I genuinely love mining Jewish sacred texts for timeless wisdom

that deepens the meaning in my life; and I love sharing what I

learn with others. My exploration of Jewish ethics has led me to

be a strong advocate for social justice and I actively

engage in solidarity work for a variety of causes. 


I live in Southern California where I enjoy time with my wife,

Melissa, our two young kids, my recently-widowed mother,

and my Catholic in-laws.   



I know what it feels like to be made to feel not Jewish enough. In my case, it was for having grown up in an interfaith family. For others it might be because you do not conform to ashkenormative standards, you don’t keep kosher, you have not married yet, or because your hair is straight. All of that is just the noise of other people’s judgements. 


Do you want to explore Jewish heritage, traditions and

wisdom? Do you want to feel empowered in your

spirituality? I founded Keeping It Sacred as the place to

do that, and you are welcome here. Our acronym, KITS,

honors my beloved grandmother, Fruma Kit Endler, who

died at the age of 100 this past June. 

I’d love to invite you to gather with  our online community of over 150 thoughtful, introspective and intentional seekers from three continents and various life paths.


Did I mention that we are committed to providing accessible experiences, so our programs are free. Meaningful donations of any amount by those who value this concept are most welcome and appreciated- it’s what fuels the work.


All are welcome. That means you, your Jewish and non -Jewish friends, and family.  Everyone who would like to participate in the exploration of ancient Jewish texts and rituals made relevant today, anyone wanting to benefit from the wisdom of the Jewish tradition and be moved by melodies that stir the soul, is welcome.

Please invite them!


Enjoy, also, our YouTube Channel & stay tuned for our forthcoming 7-episode web series called "People Keeping It Sacred" as well as our series called "A bit about.." which shares ideas about various Jewish Holidays, rolled out as they come along in the calendar. The link for the channel is here:


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and @hearabbi


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Together we’re #keepingitsacred


Keeping It Sacred is not organized on the congregational membership or fee-for-service model. We are a community that relies on the generosity of participants. Please consider contributing generously to uphold the value that no one should be turned away from learning for lack of funds. Thank you-- your contributions ensure high quality programming and necessary infrastructure. Note: as we are a new venture, funding is not tax-deductible.

Checks may be made out to: Keeping It Sacred

27068 La Paz Rd. #781, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Electronic Contributions:

Venmo ID: @keepingitsacred

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