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A Word from Rabbi Miller

I’m so glad you’re here! Through ceremonies, we create rituals of joy, healing, comfort, and reflection as we mark significant milestones in our lives. But rituals are about so much more than just one moment in time. Good rituals, by fostering connections among loved ones drawing upon Jewish tradition, can be transformational, helping you and your loved ones find meaning in everyday life long after the ceremony.


I would be honored to create a comfortable space for us to connect as we design rituals that will bring you a lifetime of memories.

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bar, bat, b'nai, b'not mitzvah training

This is an amazing moment in a young person’s life and in the life of a Jewish family. I enjoy working with adolescents as they prepare to take on the responsibilities of being Jewish adults in the modern world. I also enjoy working with adults looking to ritualize a deeper connection to their Jewish identity through a bar, bat, b’nai mitzvah ceremony.

funerals​ &

memorial services

The rabbis ask: How is the life of each person like the Torah? And they answer: Because, just like with the Torah, the life of each person has something unique to teach the world. On the occasion of the death of a loved one, sudden or after an illness, I provide the comfort of ritual and tradition to the immediate circle of friends and family. This begins with a gathering to reflect on the life of the deceased, and the planning of a service that will stitch together a tapestry of memories and honor the lessons learned from their example in an authentic way.

spiritual counseling

& mikveh rituals

As your personal spiritual guide, I offer perspective and support in a comfortable space. It’s typical for people to share their challenges with marriage, parenting, divorce, illness, conversion, preparing for the end of life, and other significant events. Sometimes a ceremony, like a mikveh, can serve to mark a significant spiritual moment. I work with individuals to map a path of spiritual growth that can be deeply healing and profoundly transformational.

illness​ &


Jewish tradition recognizes that illness can be isolating and encourages members of the community to visit and offer prayers on behalf of those who need healing of body or spirit. Those who care for the ill, too, require support. Spiritual care takes on many different forms, from bedside visits, to artistic expressions, to meditation and the recitation of prayer, to musical uplift. I help those in need identify what would be most fortifying, and provide comfort in these tender times of need.

baby namings &

adoption ceremonies

Officially welcoming a new child into the community calls for a joyous celebration. I create ceremonies that sanctify the child’s Jewish name, and that recognizes the honored circle of family and friends with opportunity for communal participation. Blessings abound.

Contact Rabbi Miller to hear how she might help you on your spiritual journey.

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