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preaching & teaching

Ancient, medieval and modern Jewish texts allow us to learn from the insights of those who have come before. I teach my students how to extract the morals, values and ethics from the text, and invite them to discover how to apply these stories and lessons to their lives. I enjoy teaching students of all ages and learning from the wisdom that each individual brings to the discussion.

weddings & vow renewals

The essence of a Jewish wedding ceremony is to allow the couple to publicly sanctify themselves to one another. I prepare a thoughtful and creative ceremony that genuinely reflects the unique relationship of the couple. Additionally, I provide pre-marital rabbinic counseling to ensure a positive, communicative marriage in the years to come. I joyfully officiate at gay, straight, dual-Jewish and interfaith marriages, as well as vow renewal ceremonies.

bar/bat mitzvah training

I enjoy working with adolescents as they prepare to take on the responsibilities of being Jewish adults in the modern world. I also enjoy working with adults looking to ritualize a deeper connection to their Jewish identity through a bar or bat mitzvah ceremony.

funerals​ & memorial services

The rabbis ask: How is the life of each person like the Torah? And they answer: Because, just like with the Torah, the life of each person has something unique to teach the world. On the occasion of the death of a loved one, sudden or after an illness, I provide the comfort of ritual and tradition to the immediate circle of friends and family. This begins with a gathering to reflect on the life of the deceased, and the planning of a service that will honor the lessons learned from his/her example.

spiritual counseling & mikveh rituals

It is a sacred endeavor to discuss theology and personal spirituality- to understand each individual’s journey of where they have been and where they might like to go. I offer perspective, support, alternative points of view and challenge as appropriate, listening carefully to those who share their experiences with me. Sometimes, a mikveh ceremony can mark significant spiritual moments of change in a person’s life, like marriage, divorce, illness, conversion, and other significant events. I work with individuals to map a path of spiritual growth and transformation.

illness​ & healing

Jewish tradition recognizes that illness can be isolating, and so encourages members of the community to visit and offer prayers on the behalf of those who need healing of body or spirit. Those who care for the ill, too, require support. Spiritual care takes on many different forms, from bedside visits, to artistic expressions, to meditation and the recitation of prayer, to musical uplift. I help those in need identify what would be most fortifying, and provide comfort in these tender times of need.

baby namings & adoption ceremonies

Officially welcoming a new child into the community calls for a joyous celebration. I create ceremonies that sanctify the child’s Jewish name, and that recognizes the honored circle of family and friends with ample opportunity for communal participation. Blessings abound.

tikkun olam

Tikkun Olam means “repair of the world.” It is a Jewish concept based on the idea that we live in an imperfect condition and are therefore compelled to fix it. We can do this individually through reflection and a renewed commitment to live our lives in a more intentional manner. Globally, we can affect change through community service and the restructuring of institutions to reflect economic, racial and social justice. I work with individuals to identify what unique role they can play in the betterment of our world.

shabbat & holidays

The Jewish calendar has a beautiful ebb and flow, at times encouraging us to be deeply introspective and somber, and at times rejoice with unabashed celebration. Within this framework,
I help people observe sacred time through rituals meant to transform daily life into times of meaning and reflection.

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