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"Teamwork makes the dream work!" As we complete our first year of operation, and our growth has gained considerable momentum. It is time to expand the team! We are so lucky this team has assembled, and we are thrilled to introduce you to the talented folks who will take Keeping It Sacred to the next level: 


Kimberly Dueñas (top middle) will lead our Rosh HaShanah Second Day program. She was born into a multicultural home in California, and she discovered that the best way to explore her dynamic Jewish identity was to immerse and involve herself in the world - beginning with tracing her roots to rural El Salvador, Europe, and Israel. She is a seasoned international Jewish educator passionate about wellness, community healing, and as the Community Coordinator for Jewtina y Co., nurturing the Latin-Jewish community, leadership and resiliency, and celebrating multiculturalism. 


Molly Flanagan (top left) will return to Keeping It Sacred this year as our talented Digital Media Manager. Molly is a recent graduate of Wellesley College majoring in Film Studies, and will produce our forthcoming second season of the People Keeping It Sacred webcast & podcast, and provide further support to our social media accounts. Molly is currently working on several exciting projects in and around New York City and Boston, but has found time to continue helping Keeping It Sacred and writes, “I am thrilled to continue my involvement with this special community doing such sacred work in the world!"


Ilan Tamir (bottom right) leads the technical aspects of our robust High Holy Day season, intentionally designing our user experience to be one of warm, welcoming, innovative and transformative spaces.

Tori Greene (bottom middle) is passionate about creating spaces for exploration and belonging. She brings her guitar and song-leading experience to curate soulful and uplifting musical selections to our programs, including our Hanukkah celebration this year.

Jeffrey Silverstein (top right) brings an enthusiasm for Jewish textual and musical traditions and will co-lead, with Rabbi Miller, our monthly Shabbat Services. We were fortunate to have Jeffrey co-lead our Sweet & Sacred High Holy Day Services last year as well as our epic Hanukkah Celebration. He is a current rabbinical student at HUC-JIR in Cincinnati and shares, “I believe song and harmony are big part of #keepingitsacred!"

Rachel Rothman (bottom left)


You are invited to enjoy the excellent talents of these fantastic individuals by registering for our programs at

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