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people keeping it sacred

Welcome to People Keeping It Sacred!

In this 7-episode web and podcast series, Rabbi Heather Miller interviews seven thoughtful friends yielding intelligent, joyful conversations about personal spiritual narratives.


Season 2 topics include:

Living Peace,

Forging New Paths Forward,

Living Authentically,

Investing in the Future,

Holistic Approaches to Spirituality,

Spiritual Repair,

The Power of Convening, and more!

People Keeping It Sacred SEASON 1:

Topics include: Queer Religiosity, Mental Health and COVID, Jews of Color, Effecting Legislative Change, Living our Values, Honoring Ancestors, and more! Click below on the episode and be ready to be inspired!

Episode 1: Kelly Suzanne Saulsberry

Topics include: the process of personal spiritual growth, rhythms of Buddhism, change-making In government, creating communities of inclusion.

Episode 2: Rabbanit Alissa Thomas-Newborn 

Topics include: spiritual leadership of a modern Orthodox synagogue through COVID, the multidimensionality of identity, mining the gems in text study, the importance of mental health.

Episode 3: Benjamin Simpson

Topics include: historical trajectory of the Catholic church, creating a deeply personal theology, the strength of the rhythms of ritual, the relevance of sacred texts.

Episode 4: Professor Helen Kim 

Topics include: inclusion of Jews of Color in Jewish institutional life,  the myths of the model minority, personal empowerment through conversion, creating Jewish community in Walla Walla, WA.

Episode 5: Jethro Heiko

Topics include: a personal journey of grief, using irreverence to launch sacred conversations, for-profit models that align with social justice goals, teaching kids values.

Episode 6: Serena Poon

Topics include: the pressures of growing up as a PK (preacher’s kid) in a Christian megachurch, intense process of coming out to family, navigating rejection, healing through reclaiming faith for yourself.

Episode 7: The Rev. Dr. Sarah Halverson

Topics include: working for justice, politics in the pulpit, dealing with disappointment, interfaith community love, transformational growth, COVID as a time to re-imagine the world we want to see.

Trailer: Season 1

Get a sense of the accessible, relevant, positive, and empowering energy of this inspiring new podcast that asks the question: How are YOU keeping it Sacred?

These episodes can be found as podcasts at:

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And, if you've gotten spiritual nourishment from this series, please let us know by emailing Rabbi Miller at If you'd like to sustain our work, please consider making a voluntary financial contribution at Together, we're #keepingitsacred...

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