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untold stories of the bible

Have you ever wondered about the parts of the Bible that are not explained? So did the rabbis! And they filled in the gaps in the text with their own writing and understanding of what happened in a literary art form called midrash. Rabbi Miller will explain the concept and provide examples. Then, together, we will do a close read of selected texts to view gaps in the storylines, and write our own expositions based on our own life experience. In the process, we will learn more about the characters in the Bible, each other, and ourselves!

Classes are open to students entering with a diversity of backgrounds from those well versed in Jewish life to those new to Jewish learning. There is a place for everyone in this program.

Sundays at 10:15am PT/ 11:15am MT/ 12:15pm CT/ 1:15pm ET:





Register for the 4-class sessions, when you click on an upcoming class on our events calendar:


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