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Sampling of Topics of Study:

Writing Modern Midrash

Introduction to Judaism


Parashat HaShavua


Jewish Theologies

Talmud Study 


200 Years of Intermarriage in Reform Judaism


A Practical Guide to Self-Repair

Decoding Prayer

The Rabbinic Experience of Exile from God

What’s in a Name: Naming Traditions

Gematriya: Unlocking the Symbolism in Jewish Numerology

The Rabbis on Poverty and Wealth

Unlocking the Power of the Psalms

Inspiring Social Justice

Comparative Liturgy:
Denominational Differences

Sage Stories:

Learning from the Lives of the Rabbis

Paul and Proto-Rabbinic Judaism

and more...


"Rabbi Heather Miller worked her magic to bring these Talmudic sages to life. While I had a full Reform Jewish education, some of these rabbis were merely foggy memories from a story or a song from my childhood, but most were just names I had learned or knew as part of the seder.   Rabbi Miller helped us to see their relationships with one another, and had so many anecdotes and stories that I felt I was really getting a grasp about who they were and what they believed. The historical context really helped, and the learning was fun because these men (and sometimes their wives) were humanized.  Rabbi Miller has a great sense of humor, and you can tell she really loves sharing her knowledge. She involves her students so it’s not a lecture format, and we were encouraged to ask questions or insert comments as the evening went along. She makes everyone comfortable in her presence and allows time for all of us to learn a little about the others in the group. I look forward to more classes with her in the future as I continue my Jewish education as an adult."


“Rabbi Heather Miller’s study sessions are always insightful and timely. Mixed with plenty of Interactive opportunities for fellowship and lots of heart! Her Shavuot study helped to break down the texts and make it accessible for any level of knowledge.”


"Her delight in Torah -- and her delight in the insights of those she is teaching and learning with -- made the experience a joy. I loved learning with Rabbi Miller!


"Rabbi Miller provided a program that was fun, warm, interesting and educational. Rabbi Miller made certain the program was inclusive of everyone in Zoom attendance. She prepared a program about the Sages and Rabbis of the Talmud that brought them alive. I've been participating in Rabbi's Daf Yomi (reading of the Talmud) and all of the Rabbis we studied during Shavout, many from the Talmud, came alive for me. Instead of just being names on a page, Rabbi Miller made these wise and learned people viable for me, allowing me to connect on a more personal level with each one. I loved my experience with Rabbi Miller and am looking forward to more learning opportunities with her. She's a wonderful teacher."


"Enjoyed very much and also look forward to continuing study in this way. Perfect for those who thrive in the intimacy of this new method of study without the distractions of classroom or congregation."