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Putting together an interfaith or multi-community event and looking for committed, socially engaged partners? Need a Jewish voice to round out your DEI efforts? ​


We can help.

Rabbi Heather Miller is a veteran Jewish leader who has been committed to interfaith and interdenominational collaborations for more than 25 years. From leading interfaith seders and co-sponsoring pluralistic communal events, to consulting for educational instuttions, companies, and even movie studios in their representation of Jewish cultures, she has a proven history of deep, thoughtful community partnerships. ​


As a rabbi with an LGBT, international, and interfaith family, she understands the complexity of multidimensional identity. She is proud to align herself with causes she cares about, and loves to see communities thrive. ​


If you’re looking for more than a “flash in the pan” figurehead, and are seeking a deeply invested community partnership, you’ve come to the right place.

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Are you looking for...

We also offer...

  • Thought Leadership for Boards

  • Community Connecting

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Program Creation

  • Movement Building

  • And more!

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Reach out to Rabbi Miller for an exploratory informational call. 

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