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daily Talmud

An accessible study group for those who want to build up their consistent engagement with Jewish texts


The Talmud, built on centuries of brilliant scholarship and analysis, is one of the richest sacred texts revealing ancient practices, values, and ethical standards. It has inspired not only religious reverence, but also significant intellectual inquiry. Each week, we delve into the text, explore the teachings, and challenge our thinking. Discover how these ancient teachings can have practical relevance in your life today.

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Above: Click to see Rabbi Miller's  lesson on The Great Democratization of Talmud Study delivered to Temple Israel in South Africa

Classes are open to participants of varying skill-sets, even for those with little or no background in the Talmudic dialectic. There is a place for everyone in this program as we study a page of Talmud each day. This cycle, called Daf Yomi (daf=page, yomi=a day), syncs us up with the entire global Jewish community engaging in this practice.  


Join our daily Talmud study group, Thursdays at 11am PST / 2pm EST. To participate, register here.

While you’re here, check out Rabbi Miller’s Daf Yomi, daily posts highlighting inspirational gems found throughout the text on Instagram here


As of October 1, 2022 we have studied over 1,000 pages!

Have a question about Daily Talmud? Rabbi Miller would love to hear from you!

What people say:

"Yesterday's class was superb!! I remain impressed by so many things that you do! You are able to keep us on track, share (some of) your knowledge with us, make all sorts of connections to the Jewish and secular worlds, and meet each of us where we are! Kudos to you!!"


"Talmud study has opened a window to that world for me. I love the anthropology and sociology of it all."


"The minority opinions may someday count as much as the majority opinions. It reminds us that things change the Halacha changes and we change each year that we read it."


"We have the opportunity to compare the Halacha we are practicing today with the one they were writing and studying in the Talmud... It has been very interesting how things have evolved how we keep the tradition in our own way."


"I feel very close to this amazing group and I'm grateful to Rabbi Miller for conducting it."

Daf Yomi reflections Rabbi Miller wrote for

Eruvin 34: Keeping close.


Eruvin 97: The knotty truth about tefillin.

Pesachim 16: The Sages duke it out.

Pesachim 70: The Importance of the RSVP.

Pesachim 72: Ritual Mistakes.

Pesachim 74: Grill Masters.

Shekalim 3: Road Runners.

Shekalim 4: For us. By us.

Yoma 23: Bearing a Grudge like a Snake.

Yoma 24: For Priests only.

Yoma 28: Torah Before Torah.

Yoma 29:  Life Lessons.

Yoma 62: Echoes in the text.

Sukkah 42: Milestones.

Sukkah 50: Music on Shabbat.

Sukkah 51: You Haven't Lived Until You've....

Beitzah 5: Vestigial Laws

Taanit 19: Many Kinds of Rain

Taanit 20: Soft Like a Reed

Megillah 17: Ordering the Amidah

Moed Katan 16: Due Process

Moed Katan 28: Fooling the Angel of Death

Chagigah 12: Which Came First?

Yevamot 16: Son of Satan

Yevamot 34: What Tamar Wants

Yevamot 36: Order of Operations

Yevamot 56: The Trumah Dining Club

Yevamot 58: Determining Fitness

Yevamot 100: The Silenced One

Yevamot 117: The Difficult Mother-In-Law

Yevamot 118: Breaking Up Via Messenger

Ketubot 4: Marriage or Mourning?

Ketubot 14: Lines of LIneage

Ketubot 28: The Casting out of a Man

Ketubot 56:Next-Level Intimacy 

Ketubot 106: Now You See Him, Now You Don't

Ketubot 107: Placing Money on the Horns of a Deer

Ketubot 109: Let Him Fly Through the Air

Nedarim 33: Everything I Do, I Do It for Food

Nedarim 85: Rabbi Yohanan ben Nuri, The Optimist

Nazir 8: Mustard musings.

Nazir 41: Love is Greater than Fear

While you’re here, check out Rabbi Miller’s Daf Yomi, daily posts highlighting inspirational gems found throughout the text on Instagram here. 

Enjoy the Daf Yomi Calendar HERE

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