our mission

Keeping It Sacred (KITS) is a progressive, inclusive center for the exploration of meaningful texts, traditions, customs, and rituals.


Our mission is to provide participants with accessible, relevant, and empowering sacred texts and rituals that provide deep meaning and purpose.

We believe the exploration of meaningful texts, traditions, customs, and rituals provide a pathway for bold, joyful living. We nurture curiosity, deepen compassion, and inspire personal and collective action to bring more light, more justice, more love, and more joy to our world.

Our Principles


The fabric of the Keeping It Sacred (KITS) community is threaded by the multitude of experiences of human identity. We hold sacred space for one another in an affirming and supportive environment grounded in gratitude. 


Spiritual Wellness

We support, restore and inspire. Together, we cultivate spiritual well-being and growth by embracing textual exploration, applying ancient wisdom, and awakening a renewed sense of purpose. 



We strive to create a more whole, just, and compassionate world, guided by the Jewish principle Tikkun Olam תיקון עולם or “repair of the world.” We consciously raise awareness of and work toward racial, economic, and environmental justice through a trauma informed lens.

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